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The Journey Talks for Female Founders

Please join us in a conversation on "Power", more details to come!

Joining us this evening:

Lucy Caldwell is a social psychologist, venture philanthropist and creator of the Life Revealed podcast featuring the defining stories of trailblazers of the world. For twenty years she has devoted herself to the science and practice of how people change, drawing upon the traditions of social psychology and wisdom based practices. Lucy is a steward of aligning people to their highest purpose and truth with an emphasis on awakening, empowering and dynamically reshaping culture.

Julia Li led the marketing team at Scalable Press - the world’s first tech company using software and automation to disrupt the $30B printing industry. Scalable Press is unfunded and profitable, with over 300 employees and over 25 million products shipped. Li is an accidential, serial entrepreneur. At 21, she founded Agency Element - a brand management firm that drove over $500M in revenue and averaged 350% return for clients. Their work spanned across multiple verticals including luxury goods, lifestyle/consumer services, B2B markets, and the hospitality industry. Li is the former CMO of Materialist, a venture-backed startup solving the massive material sourcing challenge for the $235B interior building materials market. She later built a funded, stealth-mode beauty subscription startup before joining Scalable Press.

Dr. Helen Chen, Founder of Guided Clarity. Guided Clarity has developed a new class of compounds to target and clear cells of dysfunctional mitochondria, improving cellular energy production. Their compounds are synthesized from naturally-occurring ingredients in food, so they are both safe and affordable as a medical food. In their first clinical study on healthy volunteers, the data showed an increase in insulin sensitivity, a reduction in inflammation marker NLR, and improved physical function. Guided Clarity is focused on healthy aging, improving mitochondrial function both in the brain and on the periphery.

Dr. Siv Watkins, Founder of 11Biomics. 11Biomics has developed a very effective, non-pesticide plant treatment that solves a huge problem for the fast-growing cannabis industry — powdery mildew disease. Powdery mildew disease can spike in a cannabis grow operation overnight, ruining a harvest worth millions. Existing antifungal treatments are ineffective or damage the plant. 11Biomics heals plants in a manner of hours by rebalancing the plant’s phytobiome, using natural hyper-antagonists to fungal diseases. Their platform of seven plant therapeutics allows 11Biomics to tune their therapy to different regions of the country, as well as treat other crops commonly affected by powdery mildew — hops, grapes, and tomatoes.

Dr. Inja Radman, Founder of New Culture Foods. New Culture is making cheese without the cow. Combining dairy proteins, expressed by microflora, with plant lipids and sugars, their method arrives at curds that are then advanced into the traditional cheesemaking process, be that stirred, kneaded, stretched or aged. New Culture’s cheese has the signature textural properties and qualities that we’re all familiar with in dairy cheese. By removing the cow from the cheesemaking process, New Culture’s cheese is more sustainable, ethical, and better for the world.