About Lucy Caldwell

Lucy is a social psychologist, writer and creator of the Life Revealed Podcast, featuring inspiring conversations with the trail blazers of the world. She is passionate about helping people tune in to what matters most and inspiring them to live with greater authenticity, purpose and fulfillment.

Trained as a social psychologist at Stanford University, Lucy has always been fascinated by human behavior and the cycle of change. She is fueled by the insight that we each have extraordinary potential that can be unlocked and cultivated.

Lucy brings over twenty years of leadership experience in human centered design to her work as a writer, podcast host, public speaker and facilitator. She is passionate about disrupting the dominant cultural blueprint to create more emotional authenticity, values alignment and human thriving. Using techniques informed by social psychology and wisdom traditions she inspires a mindset of resiliency and open mindedness to unlock new ways of thinking, harness our potential, and engage powerfully with our lives. Lucy brings leaders together for in-person development workshops and thought-leadership summits to create lasting change in self and society.  Additionally, she works as a consultant in partnership with mission minded companies and organizations, providing strategic and human centered thought-leadership and expertise.

Lucy began her career in the technology sector as an evangelist for human centered design as a rising leader at Hewlett Packard Co. in partnership with IDEO and Accenture, and later devoted herself to the front lines of social impact through her work in venture philanthropy and impact investing as a board member and partner at Silicon Valley Social Ventures (SV2).

Lucy was born in the highlands of rural Mexico and now lives in Northern California with her two teenage children.  She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with highest honors from Stanford University (BA, MA) and served as commencement speaker for the Psychology Department, where she conducted research on empathy and belief polarization.

How do we get so silent that we can hear the clear voice inside ourselves beckoning us forward like a lighthouse on a distant shore, to the life we intend to lead?


Lucy’s Story

Lucy is known for her unique ability to connect people to their deepest held beliefs and forge new narratives for how to live with greater purpose and joy.  

Lucy’s story is one of shedding cultural skins and discovering her authentic voice through courageous practice. Though outwardly appearing to have checked every box on the scorecard on the Silicon Valley installment of the American Dream, Lucy found herself at a crossroads: increasingly isolated, disconnected and depressed as the mother of two young children and so began a journey to deconstruct her assumptions and rebuild her life.

In her vulnerable and insightful writing style, Lucy has shared with a growing community her quest to identify her values, her joy, and her deep sense of purpose. Having studied the science and practice of change throughout her career,  Lucy decided to devote herself to bringing more authenticity, courage and passion to her own life and the lives of others through her writing, public speaking, consulting and podcast series, Life Revealed. In these intimate conversations Lucy seeks to question our assumptions to inspire us to live with greater authenticity, purpose and fulfillment, helping us to redefine culture and forge new paradigms that will reshape our inner and outer worlds.