Lucy is best known for her visionary leadership and charismatic style of engagement for strategic, systems-level thinking regarding human behavior and the cycle of change. Experienced in working with groups in corporate environments to gain clarity and vision, Lucy is available as a facilitator or as a strategic consultant for groups seeking to redefine the dominant cultural blueprint toward a more thriving and purposeful existence. 

With her deep expertise in social psychology and the forces that guide human behavior both at an individual and societal level, Lucy is skilled in unlocking the mysteries of how to design for maximum impact and create lasting behavioral change. Expertise includes human centered design, social psychology, venture philanthropy, and personal development. 

Lucy is also available for one on one private consultation with thought-leaders and change-makers who are ready to disrupt the dominant paradigm and redesign the narrative of their lives to engage, thrive and create a more flourishing world. Single day deep-dive sessions and longer, six month consultation packages are available.

Contact me so that we can discuss the best way to engage meaningfully.

Lucy asks the questions most don’t think of and makes the world a better, more compassionate place.
— Jordan Katz