Life Revealed

Lasting change is never easy, but it is possible when we understand our powerful role as the narrators of our own life story, and the collective story of humanity.

Join social psychologist Lucy Caldwell in the journey of authentic discovery to consciously shape our lives and the world around us.

Lucy brings together illuminating conversations with trailblazers of the world, along with her unique blend of thought-leadership drawing upon research in social science and ancient wisdom traditions, to unlock new possibilities for how we engage our lives.



Bringing people together for dynamic experiences to support and learn from one another and amplify our impact.


About Lucy

Trained as a social psychologist, Lucy is passionate about forging new paradigms for living with greater courage, joy and alignment to what matters most to each of us.


the Podcast

The Podcast features the powerful personal stories of the world’s most remarkable change-makers from psychologists and neuroscientists, to artists, filmmakers, explorers, philosophers, and entrepreneurs. Get inspired.