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Monthly Women's Circle

Format: Monthly gatherings in circle in the lovely sanctuary of my home

Objective: To create a deeply nourishing community of women to come together to cultivate our inner lives and connect in an authentic, intentional and heartfelt way. Facilitated by social psychologist Lucy Caldwell, we will draw upon the traditions of mindfulness, psychology and the deep wisdom and capacity for healing we are each innately bestowed with.

When: 7:30 to 9:30 pm one Tuesday evening per month. Calendar to be announced at first meeting.

What to expect: Plan to arrive at my home and put down everything you have been carrying to take this time to nourish yourself with a cup of tea, relaxing music and finding a comfortable place to sit in circle. We will begin with a brief opening meditation, followed by a guided experience or practice that may include journaling, meditation, improvisation role play and small group conversation. We will alternate these inward looking practices with other weeks where we will spend more time going around in circle, sharing what is in our minds and hearts with attentive, compassionate listening.

Location: private home in Los Altos CA 
1.6 miles from San Antonio Cal Train Station or easily accessible via hwy 280 or 101

Photo courtesy of @alexandramalek and The Awaken Society